Social Networking - A video sharing community website

Executive Summary

The client firm had a couple of social networking – video sharing community websites that were hosted using a freely available open source codebase that the client had acquired on the web and wanted to enhance. Contracting work to another firm and that too, another country was a double-challenge for the client firm. Mindfire’s immense experience in video streaming and community/social application development, helped establish the initial trust. This was well supported by the different business engagement models Mindfire proposed to the client firm. Two dedicated resources were assigned for the first two months and this later became a long and healthy relationship resulting in a full scale virtual team setup on the video sharing community application development. Mindfire delivered a full scale, extensible team setup, with experienced resources involved in multiple technologies for both client and server side application design and development.

About our Client

Client Description: Confidential

Client Location: USA

Industry: Media & Entertainment


PHP, LAMP, Ajax, JavaScript, Flash, Flex, HTML, CSS, Lighttpd, Video Streaming, GIT, FFMPEG, MENCODER, LAME, FLVTool2, MySQL, Nginx (with Load balancer concept), FMS (Flash Media Server), Lighttpd