Social Networking and Campaigning App

Executive Summary

This project deals with an exclusive network of elite social influencers that are invited to take part in paid brand campaigns.

– Influencers connect to the application by creating an account and adding at least one Instagram account.

– Influencers in the course of registering enter their personal details and some information about the photos they are going to post with different Instagram accounts.

– Influencers submit the photo by clicking or choosing the photo from the Camera roll or saved albums for approval.

– Upon approval, influencers are allowed to share the photo with others using Instagram in order to promote the brand.

– Influencers are paid out monthly depending on the participation in the brand campaigning and posting of photos.

– Influencers decide which brand they want to work with or which marketing campaign they want to participate in.

– Influencers can edit their personal information and request for payment which will be transferred to their PayPal account.

About our Client

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