Social Networking App

Executive Summary

This application is basically a social networking application in which any registered user after logging in can post two images with a question related to the corresponding images. Other users can then vote for the two images for the predefined time interval which is set by the user which has posted the images. Apart from posting its own images, registered users can vote for other user’s images. Before posting any images a lot manipulation can be done on them which are described as below.

Applying Filters on Images There are around 60 types of filters options viz Sepia, Sobel Edge detection, Grayscale etc and some of the Instagram type filters like Amaro, Hefe etc. are available in the application for the user to select and apply to the selected image.

Borders on images

Predefined borders exists in the application which a user can select to apply on the image.

Putting Stickers on images

User can select from around 20 stickers available ,drag them at any place in the image, rotate them, zoom in zoom out, delete them and can also apply multiple stickers on to the image.

Image Rotation

After selecting any image whether from the gallery or via clicking the camera the taken image can then be rotated 90 degrees, image can also be flipped on X-axis and Y-axis.  Also, there is option provide for the user to change the rotation via seek bar so that the user can rotate image up to his wish.


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Android SDK (android version 2.3, API level 10)