Social Networking, Media sharing, Live Broadcasting website for sports enthusiasts

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a highly secure web site where users can share sports related videos and pictures with the world. The website allows members to view online videos, create forum discussions, blogs, events create/register and create groups with multiple group privileges for Leagues, Teams including Social groups with whom they can chat, share videos and pictures online.

The application also implements a store app with a sell/buy module that allows advertising and selling sports related goods.

The sites also allows Super Administrators to login and manage users, videos, pictures, groups and forum discussions. Super administrators can also create different user types who can administer the site with their assigned permissions. One of the key features of the site is that it is self-managed and requires minimal administration.

Key features include conversion of video files uploaded by users to desired format such as .flv, h264 (.mp4) formats using FFMPEG, MENCODER, LAME and FLVtool2 for video streaming. We have also configured and set up lighttpd for streaming and provided the client with a flash video player that uses external interface to support JS calls and supports streaming. We have implemented the live broadcasting feature where users can broadcast their live feed to the world with chat and share data using the flash broadcast application facility. Users also have the ability to do many to many video and audio conferencing.

Implemented a desktop Adobe AIR widget for users where they access the web site right from their desktop. The air application allows for drag and drop files for uploading/converting, viewing and broadcasting. The application also implements group chat (Audio/Video).

We integrated with different payment gateway services like PayPal, TransFirst etc. The site has the ability to make different API calls to interact with YouTube,, Amazon, Facebook. We also integrated UPS and USPS shipping methods to allow the site to calculate shipping cost for the products and ship the product to users as per their selection.

We optimized the site for performance using different site optimization techniques like minifying JS and implemented CSS sprites, the site uses a div structured layout for the entire site to allow the pages to be rendered faster on the user browsers and to provide the best experience when browsing the website.

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