Adobe InDesign and QuarkXpress Layout Converter or Exporter

Executive Summary

1. Spell Checker is an InDesign plugin which provides enhanced spelling functionality. By using this engine user can spell check its text for wrong words, different grammatical errors and selects desired alternatives for its text. Alternatives are provided by third party library which acts as a dictionary for providing correct alternatives. In addition to enhanced spelling functionality for languages which are standard available in InDesign, it also introduces spelling functionality for other languages that are not available in standard InDesign.

2. Hyphenator is an InDesign plugin which provides hyphenation services to the publishing word. It introduces the intelligent syllable technology of third party to InDesign. It offers tremendous improvements to the standard hyphenation provided by InDesign and also adds a hyphenation support for various other languages which are not supported by standard InDesign. It provides facilities like what will happen to a word or paragraphs when next lines or space is provided abruptly. Text flow and white space will be improved dramatically by inserting hyphens at the correct locations.

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