Sports and Games management product

Executive Summary

The application manages the sports score information of different games played in schools for participants/students for a particular year. There are two grades of users for the application, Admin and Normal Users. The admin can add, edit and delete the particulars and related information for sports, games, participants and also participant types. Admin can maintain all kinds of information for games and also for students like: scores, game result, game images, game videos and many more.  We have AJAX features in many CFM templates where the CFM templates communicate with the server through AJAX request and response and display data in user interface. There are also various reports implemented in the application where Admin and Users can view different statistical information for the games and participants. We generate different reports in normal HTML format and also graph reports. Normal User can get into the application and view the data entered by the Admin for their specific area, sports and games that Users participate.

About our Client

Sports and Education Company


Sports and Education Industry


ColdFusion 8.0, SQL 2000, JavaScript, AJAX