Executive Summary

Sports Management System is a product to manage games/sports played at schools. This is an application that was developed to keep track of different sporting events with multiple games played between multiple schools and students. Our client was from the education industry in USA, looking to come up with an application that can not only deliver the above mentioned functionality but, could also display event results, event mappings with many-to-many relations showing statistical reports, charts, graphs of different games, students, schools against their opponents.

They had the specification document ready but, were not able to find a suitable company to deliver their needs. Then, they found Mindfire Solutions. An inquiry was sent to Mindfire, with the specifications. Mindfire was asked to provide a feasible solution for their requirement. After hours of brainstorming between our technical team, we proposed a solution. The client was satisfied with the proposal and immediately accepted it. The client was really happy to receive a nice looking and good product that met their objective.

About Our Client

Client: Educational Institution

Location: USA

Industry: Education

Business Situation

Our client was aiming to, streamline management of various sporting events held at schools, and make it easily accessible for the users. Schools can buy this product from him and efficiently manage details of various games/sports played. Apart from this the client also wanted to keep track of the results of various events and also there mapping with many-to-many relations. There was also requirement to create different statistical reports, charts, graph of different games, students, schools against their opponents thus providing every minute detail of the event. He also was interested in providing a video upload and image upload feature to the application which can be viewed by the users later. He was keen to implement these features both for game and students.

With these many number of objectives and critical business logic implementation in mind, the client approached Mindfire Solutions Adobe team to find and propose them with a feasible solution. Mindfire’s experts took no time to start discussing about the specifications sent by the client and finally proposed a way to get a robust application in place.


Adobe Flex 3.0, ActionScript 3.0, ColdFusion 8.0, MySQL.