SYSPRO Based Order Management System

Executive Summary

The impact of automation in a manufacturing set-up is profound. It streamlines not just the production process but also helps optimize labor costs, reduce waste and enhance quality control. It also helps to integrate existing business units which were earlier operating in silos. This brings forth an increase in product output and has a direct impact on the revenue earned. The flip side of incorporating automation into business includes high initial costs and increased maintenance costs. Perhaps that was the reason why our client, who is in the business of selling fashion accessories for the fashion conscious sports aficionados and university students, did not have automation in place. Once a successful business they realized that in order to be competitive they had to have a system that helped all business units interact with each other and fill in the gaps caused due to lack of information.

The turning point in their business arrived when one day the management decided to invest in automation for streamlining operations. As they were a manufacturing unit, they needed to have a software development partner who would work on the backend integrating all the business functions to ensure smooth operations. They selected Mindfire Solutions from a shortlist of 4 companies. Mindfire Solutions has since then been their primary software services provider.

As our client belonged to the SME category they decided to go ahead with the SYSPRO ERP software as the backend. Mindfire created a middleware solution that would interact with SYSPRO at the backend and the ecommerce site at the front end and seamlessly integrate the orders into the production schedule.

About our Client

Client Description: Manufacturer of Fashion Accessories

Client Location: United States of America

Industry: eCommerce and Fashion


ASP.NET, SQL Server, SYSPRO, Ajax,

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