Executive Summary

Mindfire Solutions delivered key software systems for building Live TV shows for a retail shopping TV network. The primary business objective of the complete software was to facilitate multiple different operations (activities and communications) to air a show successfully on Live TV. Mindfire played its part in building systems for Run-up and Run-down operations, integrating them with Show Planning, Production Outline Items, Media Server, and Rundown Live Server. This Desktop and Web enabled system includes services like data-synchronization between multiple databases using ODBC connections, multiple-user setup, Active Directory login services, and printing/emailing of reports.

About Our Client

Client: Confidential

Location: USA

Industry: Media & Entertainment

Business Situation

The client firm’s customer, a Retail Shopping TV Network company, didn’t have a single software solution for Run-up or Run-down show-production processes. They were incredibly manual in how they managed their Show Production process. As a result, they were extremely dependent on emails and phone calls to send requests, to receive request updates, and to communicate status of multiple aspects. They operated in a highly volatile work environment, but with ineffective infrastructure. Overwhelmed by the situation, the customer certainly needed a solution to manage their workflows for close to 9000 shows they were to produce each year.


Oracle 10g, FileMaker Pro 10 Adv, FileMaker 10 Server, 360Works tools, C#.Net, SQL Server 2005


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