Ticketing and Hotel Booking System

Executive Summary

Designed a centralized ticket database system to support a custom ticketing component for Joomla 1.5 which we also implemented. The ticketing component can be installed on broker websites that are running Joomla 1.5. The ticket component interfaces with the ticket database via Webservices API that the ticketing DB exposes and allows brokers to create and sell tickets for various events, across the several websites that use this component. The ticketing system also provides a centralized event and Order Management System that has a centralized codebase for ease of management and code updates.

The admin interface for the component allows uploading CSV files with venue maps and other event and ticket information. The system also allows for managing commissions earned from sales of tickets on partner sites. Tickets can be marked as private or shared.

The front end for the ticket DB component allowed for listing of events from the ticketing DB and articles created on the individual websites, listing of tickets for events, checkout flow for purchase of a ticket using DB transactions and paypal direct checkout API.

We also implemented a hotel reservation module which interfaces with Trip Authority APIs for live searching for hotels based on venue of event and allows the users to make reservations. An ad management component was also implemented which uses Open X as the ad server and allows for showing Geo targeted ads on each website. Customized other popular Joomla components like frontpage slide show and used heavy Javascript AJAX with jQuery for rich look and feel

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