Toy Gifting Portal

Executive Summary

We developed an online portal where gifting could be done. “Metabox” is used for adding the video URLs for the ‘Recent video’ section on the home page for each product. We implemented the functionality for “The Starting Line Up – Our Best Sellers” on the home page, so that the section will show the top selling products within the last 30 days. In addition, we implemented the “Manufacturer” taxonomy for the product’s manufacturer name and logo.
Also added the functionality for ‘Search By Manufacturer’, so that users could see all products made by a specific manufacturer. Implemented the functionality for “New Arrivals” section on the home page, so that the section will show the products added within the last 30 days with a slider if number of products is more than 4.

Implemented the functionality for “Brands We Carry” section on the home page to show 12 logos of manufacturers who have greater number of products. We also created a plugin “Join Our Mailing List” to store email addresses into the database and added an option in the admin panel to get an export of this mailing list in xls format. We also created a plugin for “Product Import”, so that admin can import a list of products through an excel sheet.

Implemented the ‘Search by Gift Registry’ functionality, so that in the individual products we have added one ‘Add to gift registry’ button. On clicking of that button one form will appear with three fields (for first name, last initial, and location of the child). On submitting the form, the data will be stored inside the database. Then on the header section of the template we have added those three fields for ‘ Search by Gift Registry’ so that user can search gift registries based on the first name, last name and location of the child. Integrated payment gateway with WooCommerce for the site. We used SVN for version control.

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