Travel Application

Executive Summary

Designed and developed a business and travel companion app for a client dealing in Tourism industry. The application is used for getting a particular country’s information. e.g. Population, language, government, drives on etc. Automatically the current country would be selected as per the latitude and longitude of the device. However, the user can select another country too if the current country is not found or the user wants to access other country’s info.

The application is divided into three parts. The first part is Travel information. Based on the user’s selection of a particular city, the user gets information of the nearby shops, the products available in a particular shop along with its price. The next section consists of news which displays world, business, entertainment and sports news from CNN and BBC and also country specific news in a separate tab.

The third section has calling facility (as per country) to the ambulance, police, fire brigade, friend.

It also has a logging feature which collects the info about the usage of the app i.e. how many times a country is selected, a shop info is accessed etc. However, it runs in background it has nothing to do in the UI thread. Also, the user does not know anything about it.

About our Client

Tourism Company




Android SDK (android version 2.3, API level 8)