Travel Game Application

Executive Summary

Travel game application is meant for the playing some flash games and earning coins, buying gifts and decorating own place in web. On login, bonus coins per day are added to user’s account which helps him to buy gifts and playing games. Here Facebook feature has been integrated to make it more interesting. A user can view his friend list, invite his friends to join him in travel game, post the postcard (flash/images) to his Facebook wall and more interesting feature is he can send the gift to his Facebook friends. On accepting gift, the gift item is added to the receiver’s stash, where he can decorate his place in web.

In travel game PayPal transaction is also integrated, so that one can purchase coins through debit card/credit card. Overall, it is a complete package of entertainment where one can play with their Facebook friends just like a community.

Flash games are provided by the client. Our role was to develop the site and build Webservices for the flash game. Also, we integrated the Facebook and PayPal functionalities to the site.

About our Client

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