Executive Summary

The client, a major global IT Service provider was looking to subcontract its work to develop a Travel Management portal in the hands of an efficient and reliable partner. Their intent was to develop a portal which would be helpful in designing packages meant for their usage and not for the end-users. Mindfire’s team was approached for this, as the client did not have the expertise in SharePoint which was needed for this particular project. The client had a clear picture of their requirements. They wanted to implement number of service components in the application. SharePoint site branding, creating a dynamic calendar and linq queries to fetch data from SharePoint list were some of the major concerns of the client. Mindfire Solutions took up the challenge to create such a portal and stood up to the expectations of the client, nurturing future relationship with them.

About Our Client

Client: Travel Management

Location Italy

Industry: Travel Domain

Business Situation

The client was aiming at using the portal to design packages for the end users. Hence, it involved creation of an estimate with its corresponding services and the associated traveler and service component details. The service component had to be of different types like Flight, Navigation, Hotel, Meals, Tour Guide, Transfer, Trip, etc. They were also curious about some of the primary work of SharePoint site branding, linq queries to fetch data from the list and integration of a dynamic travel calendar which gets populated with all the service details corresponding to the displayed days / dates.

With all these requirements in store the client approached Mindfire Solutions for a robust, efficient, and attractive portal. Knowing their incapability in SharePoint development and the potentiality of Mindfire’s SharePoint team to develop the portal, the customer offered the project. Keeping these features to develop in mind, Mindfire’s SharePoint team started analysis of the project details and delivered a travel portal that met the objective of the client.


SharePoint 2007 (WSS 3.0), ASP.Net 3.5, C#.NET (VS 2008), ASP AJAX.