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Executive Summary

This application is a web-based task management application that helps the workflow specialist or the business analyst to design the workflow for a particular business process

The application consists of four parts 1. Form Builder 2. Workflow Builder 3. Business Process 4. User Task Dashboard

Form builder helps the workflow specialist or business analyst to create a form.

Workflow builder is capable of building the workflow which can be configured to meet the varied requirements of business process and has the facility of drag and drop.

A business process will accomplish a specific process, every business process will have a workflow attached to it.

Task dashboard part of the application lists the pending task for every user. Every user that has a task in the task dash board is required to complete the task after which, according to workflow, the task of next user will be generated.

Mindfire ISTQB certified QA engineers test this application and follow complete bug life cycle before it gets delivered. The approach to testing was manual

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