Video Conferencing Platform using HTML5

Executive Summary

Mindfire Solutions is now the primary software services provider for a US based IT firm that in turn provides software services to its clients in the Media/Entertainment industry. At the start of the project our client wanted us to design and implement a videoconferencing platform that would enable users to connect and invite others to start an Audio-Visual conference call. Mindfire’s experienced team of software engineers worked in close collaboration with the client to produce a robust product of which we are all proud of.

The result was a communications platform that supported all types of communications including video, audio, chat, email, file sharing, and screen sharing. It could be accessed from a native application installed on the computer or from a browser client. It has a user friendly dashboard (very similar to Skype) that has buttons (links) in an email signature, website, or business application. It was designed it to be easy and intuitive for everyone. As newer functionalities and features were added to the product increasing its universal appeal, the client then decided to white label the product and aggressively market it to other domains.

We used WebRTC with and also Easy RTC to implement peer to peer based chat rooms. Other features implemented included integration with Twilio APIs to allow users to set up call forwarding which then routes the call to their phone. We used Express.js framework on top of Node.js and Jade/twitter bootstrap for the templating engine with Stylus for styling. MongoDB was used for the backend along with STUN/TURN servers which handled the connection between the peers.

About our Client

Client Description: Confidential

Client Location: USA

Industry: Media and Entertainment


Web RTC,, EasyRTC, Node.js, Express js, Jade, Stylus, MongoDB, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, TURN/STUN server, Twilio API, SVN

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