Video Tutorial Editor Tool

Executive Summary

Developed an application which manages doctor’s recorded media as different product items. “Admins” or “Editors” are allowed to create new products, consisting of different levels of hierarchy based on distinguished media category. Once a product has been published it can thereafter be licensed and integrated with different practice portals.

The application has two major sections, one for the editor (who creates a product) and the other for users who can customize the basic product template. The editor’s hierarchical editorial tool is different from user’s customization tool and also allows different set of functionalities. The editors are also allowed to re-publish a product (with the changes they have done) for the end users to repair (update) their existing product with the new version (with all the customized changes intact). The application also has the provision to add styling to different product entities.

AWS’s Cloud-front is used for media distribution based on geographical location. Elastic transcoder is used for breaking media files into chunks/playlists to allow for HLS streaming. Bootstrap/jQuery are used for enhanced user experience.

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