Vocabulary game application

Executive Summary

This is a fun, competitive, educational vocabulary game based on sound cues and definitions.

Details of 500 cards with 2000-word definitions are stored in a CSV file in the application. Every time the application loads, it checks for the latest version of cards from the application server and downloads the latest version of the cards.

The degree of difficulty of each word is designated by a color code (green/orange/red). The player reads the definition and guesses the word answer. The last definition has the “Beginning sounds” at the END of the word and the player has an OPTION to play this word or not (for this word only, 1 point is deducted for an incorrect answer)

The app included the following main features: – 

500 cards with 2000 definitions which user can play. – 

A single game consists of 20 cards. – 

There are 3 levels of difficulty in each card which allows inclusion of younger players as well as accommodating for differences in adult language proficiency. – 

Cards definitions are based on “beginning sounds”, not spelling (letters). – 

Game can be played by single player or 2 or more players/groups. – 

User can view his score card and Game help at any time.

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Android OS (1.6 and above)