Wall Murals, Wall paper, Photo Framing and Ordering Application

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a highly secure multilingual website for ordering wall murals, wall papers and canvas prints. The application allows users to order photos from a large collection of art work from several renowned designers with the flexibility of choosing different photo parameters such as width, height and borders etc. The application provides features such as image cropping/editing/mirroring on the fly. It allows users to upload pictures, which can then be accessed by experienced designers to create the requested design and apply the desired effects. We also implemented a shopping cart where users can add their selection to their cart and place orders for the selected product/articles.

The site has an administrator login where the admin can manage the site content, products, banners, designers, customers and their orders etc. The site is multi-lingual and supports multiple domains with ability for partners to white label the solution.

We also implemented functionality to send newsletters via mailchimp.com API by synchronizing the email-addresses collected in system with the MailChimp mailing list.

We have implemented process forking for several cron scripts which allows us to initiate multiple process chunks for big operations instead of loading the server with one huge process. We used XSLT as the template engine which made the site super-fast in terms of load time. There were decisions made for client-side XSLT application vs server side and we opted for client side due to need for speed as compared to SEO. The application was built in the Kohana PHP framework using PostgreSQL as the db back-end. Key features include image processing on the fly using ImageMagick & GD libraries, PDF creation using wkhtmltopdf from command line, shopping cart with payment gateway integrated.

About our Client

Interior Décor Company