Wallchart Application

Executive Summary

The application is used for making wallcharts / newsletters. The application is made very user friendly where one can drag and drop images to the template to create a chart / newsletter. The application has basically three modes:

  • Web Mode
  • Convention Mode
  • RepAccess Mode

a) Web Mode: Available on web, anyone who has access to internet can create charts and print on their local printer.

b) Convention Mode: This mode is used for trade shows. Here the application is used over a local area network. The application is installed on a server and all kiosk machines ping to the same server. Another application “Print Manager” (a wpf application) is used to print the charts.

c) RepAccess Mode: This mode is used by representatives. Here representatives can create charts/newsletters for their clients. Same as the Web mode, the application is available on web but representatives with proper login credentials can only login to the application. Chart information resides only on the server. Print manager is used to print these charts.

About our Client

Client Description: Confidential

Client Location: CA,USA

Industry: Healthcare


Silverlight, ASP.NET, .NET, WCF, WPF, SQL

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