Executive Summary

Our Belgium e-business client wanted to develop a web based “B2B and B2C Supply Chain and Content Management” framework suited for driving on line shopping sites and the back-end business process to support the management of the supply chain. Our relation with the client started 3 years ago when they approached us for a small application development. The client was very pleased with the result and came back with a larger application, ‘a legacy system built on Progress and PHP’ to be re-built using .Net 3.5 and My SQL/ MS SQL Server, that would work on multiple databases. In addition to this, the application required to be multilingual.

Looking into the specifications provided by the client, Mindfire’s team took charge of the project and proposed the client with a basic business flow. The final system that was built basing on this business workflow proved to be a very robust one with the client being very satisfied and extending its relationship with Mindfire Solutions by providing more and more development work.

About Our Client

Client: e-Business solution provider

Location: Belgium

Industry: e-Business Solution

Business Situation

The client’s primary aim to develop this application was to create a web based B2B2C environment that supports the management of complete supply chain including cash register, eCommerce, e-invoicing, warehouse management, CMS and CRM. They had an existing legacy system built on Progress and PHP which was to be rebuilt using .Net 3.5 and My SQL/ MS SQL Server. The customer also wanted that the application would be multilingual as well as work on multiple databases.

Mindfire’s technical team took up the work and started analyzing the scenarios and the necessary steps to be taken in order to fulfill the objective of the client. After certain brainstorming sessions among the developers, the technical team proposed the client with a business workflow that needs to be followed in order to develop the system so as to efficiently manage the system. The brain storming sessions included the legacy application walk through and database analysis in details. Our technical team grasped the complete system understanding and proposed the new solution. The final outcome was agreed upon by the client with a lot of praise.


C# .Net, ASP .Net 3.5, JavaScript, Ajax ToolKit, My SQL 5.0, MS SQL Server 2005.