Web Conference Prototype

Executive Summary

Designed and Implemented a highly interactive web conferencing application prototype that allows for a registered user to create online meetings and invite others to join meeting via a public or private meeting link.

The application presents the attendees with several tabs which are presented based on how the meeting was created. Each tab has its own functionality such as open discussion (text chat), Idea entry, voting on ideas, adding tasks for specific attendees, meeting reports, online document sharing etc.

The application allows the meeting creator or presenter to control the screens or tab that the attendees see when they participate in the online meeting. The meeting creator can also give control to any one of the attendees and make him the presenter.

Documents such as PDF files which are uploaded are converted to images on the fly and the presenter can control what the attendees see in the form of a power-point or slide show presentation.

The application implements reverse AJAX to ensure that changes made by presenter are instantly pushed to the attendees screens minimizing any delays caused by traditional Ajax pull to refresh screens.

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