Web Invoice

Executive Summary

Requirement was to develop a user friendly & secure website to view the invoice details according to the user’s login. The web application has two types of users – Admin & General User.

The data previously processed and pushed into the database by a windows service application are mapped to specific user by Admin. Users have valid login credentials allocated to them to view their specific data.

Once logged in, the user has different search options to view their invoice related data. Admin can create/ edit / delete users and map them to a specific company. Admin have the option to set different setting as alert email format and invoice view format in the setting section as well.

For making data on the website more secure, some of the data elements are encrypted and decrypted before being viewed on the web pages. Extensive use of stored procedures/ views and functions has been done to pull data from the database and populate them on the web pages.

AJAX 1.0 is also being used to avoid refresh of the search result pages. The site also has options to generate HTML and PDF reports on user’s request for the selected data. Generated reports can also be emailed according to the user’s request. Each activity of a user is tracked for later view by the system admin and generates log files as well.

About our Client

Oil & Refinery Company


Oil & Refinery


ASP.NET VB.Net, SQL Server 2005, JS, Encryption using MD5 algorithm