Web Online Billing Platform

Executive Summary

Online Billing Platform is an application which is tightly integrated with the online contracting application. This module is being designed to provide streamlined and simple tracking of invoice process, integrated with the accounting platform. The first phase of billing platform is to automate the collection, management of backend invoices through automated invoice reader, rename mechanism and check mechanism. This includes email based invoice, notice delivery mechanism, database tracking of invoice status and updates, invoice delivery and reminder controls. The second phase of the billing platform includes automatic invoice creation and renewal process. Also through this application Healthcare service provider company staffs can upload the existing invoices to the application. The application can read the invoices, extracts the required information from the invoice and maintain in database. The system also allows the company staff members to deliver the notice about the invoices to the provider as well as there is an automatic execution of notice delivery to the open status providers. The third phase of the future billing platform automates many of the back-end payment processes.

About our Client

HealthCare Company




ColdFusion 7.0, SQL 2000, JavaScript, AJAX