Web Profile Update Application

Executive Summary

This application basically manages the profile of various health care service providers operating in different states of USA in their own database by collecting data about the providers online. The application has got two sections – the Company Staff section and the Users section.

A Company Staff can log into the application and can send (also re-send) an e-mail invitation to the service providers requesting their updated profile. When the providers will submit their profile, company staff will review the data through the application and will approve or reject the submitted profile. When Staff will accept the profile it will get updated in the company database.

Provider receives the invitation e-mails from company staff to update their current profile. Providers can submit their records through the different sections available with the application which will be saved temporarily as XML before Company Staff goes and reviews the profile.

This is a 2 layer architecture, where server side business logic is written in ColdFusion and Oracle is the backend. GUI gets fed with data from application layer through AJAX calls.

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ColdFusion (7.x, 8.0), MS SQL Server, SCORM