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Executive Summary

This application manages online viewing of antique products, managing information of antique products and keeping track of online visitors of website. This application has two major sections, Admin and User section.  In Admin section, admin can manage category, manage items, manage product links, organize categories of products, and track the visitors of the website. In Manage category section admin can add/edit/delete category, manage item section has add/edit/delete items features. In organize category section admin can organize the items under different categories or subcategories, manage link section can add/edit/delete the links for other antique website. Through visitor tracking section, admin can keep track of the visitors of the website.  In User section, user can get all information about the shop like the location, cafe, and antique products of different categories available in different shops. Users can browse through different antique items by clicking on the category and subcategory links, which provides detailed information about the products. Visiting users can enquire about the products for more detailed information about the selected products through integrated email feature to application admin. This is a 2 tier project architecture, where server side business logic is implemented in ColdFusion 8 and MySQL 5 as backend database layer.

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ColdFusion 8.0, SQL 2000, JavaScript, AJAX