Web Tracking Rewrite

Executive Summary

We developed this Web-Tracking application which serves multiple freight forwarding companies.  Forwarders need to provide an online resource to their Customers. Their customers primarily consist of shippers, consignees and agents, who wish to track their shipments. This is similar to online tracking provided by UPS, Fed Ex and such companies.

So the data needs to be compartmentalized by

1. Forwarder

2. Customer (specific to the owning Forwarder). The shipment and tracking history is entered to the web application via a window service that runs in frequent intervals and transfers any new or edited shipment and tracking data.

Customized themes are one of the exotic features of the application. End user is allowed to customize the color, font, background etc as per his/her choice.

The broad functions which this application does include:


To create/modify/delete forwarder o

To create/modify/delete companies under forwarder companies.


Show/print Tracking history

View/create/delete/print request for shipments

View/print financial information

Extensive search/filtering criteria to every list page

Shipment information from login page.

About our Client

Logistics Company




ASP.NET 4.0, C# 4.0, jQuery, jQuery UI, SQL Server 2008, SSRS