Website Editor

Executive Summary

It is a JavaScript based dynamic content management plug-in, that enables website manager to edit content of each customer website with ease and flexibility.

Users who log into the system, can get this website editor in each of their websites. It enables those users to navigate to each page in the website in normal fashion and edit the content in place. It gives flexibility to add layouts, images and different types of reusable components as a content to their websites.

This online rich editing tool have all the functionality to edit and format text in a web page. And editor also enables to create hyperlinks, add different layout like one-column, two-column etc to the contents, add images and manage them in place, while being in design mode. Users can also edit the content in HTML form.

Component Manager is responsible for creating, editing and managing dynamic reusable components for customer websites. It contains an editor to edit the contents of a component, edit and save the component. These components can be added to editable regions of customer websites and will appear as normal content to the users.

Image and File Manager is responsible for uploading files and images for customer websites. This module enables adding the images and managing them with content and creating links for images and files to download them.

Page Manager is responsible for creating new pages and managing them. We can create new pages, specify access settings like available through navigation, available for normal users, disable pages or even delete those pages.

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