Website for Advertising and Shopping for Reptiles

Executive Summary

This website is dedicated to advertising and buying reptiles like Pythons, boas, colubrids, etc. The advertisers are the reptile sellers, advertise their reptiles with the information about category, price, gender, buy it now option, etc to sell in a time period. Advertisements are having 3 different types like Silver, Gold, Platinum. Advertisements will be listed under their respective categories as long as the they are active. Advertisements are auto renewable and can be re posted again to the site if it expires. Advertiser buys tokens from site with PayPal to post advertisements.

Buyers search for the reptile advertisements with categories, price, gender, weight, buy it now, etc. Buyers choose the reptile to buy and submit the contact information and pays through PayPal. Site gets some percentage of amount as fees from the customers and the rest amounts have been deposited to the seller’s account.

Admin manages all the sellers, advertisements, tokens at its end for the site. It can activate, deactivate the advertisements and sellers at the back-end.

About our Client

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Ruby on Rails (ROR)