Weight Management System - An Umbraco CMS

Executive Summary

The need was to develop an online system which would help its users/ members stay fit by managing their obesity. The system was suppose to track the daily activities of the subscribed users which would include their diet plans, exercise frequency, online health training history, appointments etc.

The final product was required to have an automated SMS gateway which would send emails to all the users who are on a one-month trial subscription to encourage them to convert to paid subscription membership. PayPal would help trial users to convert to subscribed users. The SMS system also had to send out automated notices and alerts to users at all levels in the system if they missed out on any training sessions, appointment slots or forgot to make entries related to their diet plan.

The modules which were developed were: Appointment module, Doctor and health history module, Recipe module, SMS and Email for different role-based members for this CMS.

About our Client

Client Description: Online Weight Management System

Client Location: Australia

Industry: Healthcare

Business Situation

The client was aiming to create an online health management system, which can integrate Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Nutrition and Activity. The system needed to have a provision to put online Counseling & Activity sessions captured using webcams. To merge all the requirements and needs in a one place was a bit tedious job.

With these numerous objectives and critical business logic which needed to be implemented, the client approached Mindfire Solutions Umbraco team to find and propose a feasible solution. Mindfire team of experts took no time to start discussing about the specifications sent by the client and finally proposed a way to get a robust application in place.


ASP.NET 4.0 + ADO.Net, SQL Server 2008, HTML,CSS , XSLT, Jquery

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