Wholesale Management System for Furniture Companies

Executive Summary

This project is mainly constructed for ordering process and archiving ordered data. It has a CMS(Content Management System) or Data Entry Interface which is enabled through web(Custom Web Publishing).

The functionalities implemented are gallery menu, barcode scanning of products and archival, Products ordering, invoice generation, emailing, auto resize the layout to fit into the iPad screen according to the iPad’s orientation. Dynamic sorting and searching. Automatic server data update and different report generation.

When a dealer comes to a furniture company then he/she visits the gallery. According to the category selected for products in the gallery, user is navigated to the products. A product may have different types of items. Each item can have Option to be assembled or to be ordered as it is.

After the different items are ordered, an order form is populated with items and its price. Then order can be processed to create an invoice. This invoice is mailed to the user with shipping and billing address. A user also has the option to search the product by barcode or from products list displayed in the search UI of iPad. There is a sync button for synchronizing server data. When the application starts syncing the latest products, items and other data from server is passed to the app.

Additional features, a user (Dealer) can have the option to rate a product which can be archived in the DB. This additional information helps the furniture company to know which Products are rated good so that they can order frequently rated products more. Dealer can also have the option to declare a product as CustomGallery1, CustomGallery2 or CustomGallery3. So that the products will appear in the Gallery as CustomGallery1, CustomGallery2 or CustomGallery3 products. Each Ordering from a dealer is archived in the Database for future references.

The app’s performance is handled in iPad such that the FileMaker processing bar doesn’t show up when loading a portal or updating a related field or finding records on a layout. A Sync option is provided in the FM Go app to synchronize the offline app with the online app by doing a bi-directional data transfer. This has been developed in the system without using any external plug-in. Made the layouts rotate according to the iPad orientations. The application has category, sub category menu shows in a hierarchical manner, like a tree or folder structure with ability open/close the tree. Designed the layouts in such a way that it looks very professional sufficing iPad features.

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