Windows based Kiosk Application

Executive Summary

The project consists of a web-based Admin Application and Windows Kiosk Application. The Kiosk Application is used to create wall charts for physicians at conferences/trade fairs. The admin user uploads images and creates events from the Admin App. The events folder is then copied to Kiosk App which uses an XML file as the backend. A physician scans a badge at the kiosk. The kiosk displays the information from the badge on the demographic screen. The physician then selects a category of images and then selects 4 images (1 large and 3 small) from the thumbnail listing and a preview is shown which are BMP images created from 4 selected images, header, footer and a text image. The physician clicks the print button which generates a label with an image code which the physician can show and collects the wall chart he/she printed. The Kiosk App sends the content to the printer with the lowest number of pending print jobs. The physician and wall chart info is added to the XML which is uploaded to the admin app after the event is over. The admin can view the physician details and also take print outs of the wall charts if a physician needs another copy of it.

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HealthCare Company




ASP.NET, Win Forms, Sql Server 2005, GDI+, XML