Windows Phone 7 App for a Wager Game

Executive Summary

The client, a USA based entertainment and gaming app provider, wanted to build a system that provides an online platform for users to create and track wagers between themselves and their friends in a simple, secure and a user friendly environment. Each user was to have the ability to create and accept wagers by specifying what is being bet on and what will be won when the bet is completed. Also the app had to display notifications to the relevant users to accept the request, to accept the wager and to accept the group membership.

About our Client

Client Description: Entertainment and Gaming App Provider

Client Location: TX, USA

Industry : Software

Business Situation

In the initial phase of the app lunch, the Wager app was to be made available on Windows Phone 7. In the subsequent phases it was to be ported to iOS and Android. After launch of the application, research was to be conducted to decide if users should be able to access their account via internet browser.


.Net Framweork 4.0, Silverlight 4.0, MS SQL Server 2008, Windows Phone SDK, MS Phone Control toolkit

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