Woothemes customization: Artwork Collections Plugin

Executive Summary

Heavily customized the existing site and added two new views for showcasing of artworks. Added a sorting view where the user can drag and drop to sort the artworks to his/her choice and then an expanded view with sorting which not only allowed the user to sort the artworks using drag and drop but also allowed quick edits on the details related to a particular artwork or a collection of artworks.

Implemented a freely available custom plug-in to fetch the artworks from the client sites. Only authenticated users/subscribers to the system can use the plugin which uses a token created in the main site for the duration of the session. Also used wordpress plugin development standards to ensure that the plugin works with any wordpress setup/theme. This plug-in also reflects the sorting order as it is in the main site. As the plug-in deals with lots of images we implemented local cache functionality to make the plugin pages load faster. This plug-in also lets users edit the related css files from the wp back-end and also provides colorpicker and varying font sizes/types for users who prefer editing the style sheet directly on their site.

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