WordPress event registration portal

Executive Summary

This site is an online source to invite people to attend conference as well as give their feedback on the site. The site offers its users the feature of a single page content navigation with parallax scrolling effect.

The site is composed of a custom generated responsive theme with a multiple multi-step customized registration form  to allow users to register for the events based on the regional code provided. It has features to detect the user device, based on it registration/survey module will be rendering either in a popup or new page. A customized content-based slider. We have created a custom user export  module in the back-end which allows the admin to collect the user registration details  based on filters with the ability to select the fields they want to export and also they can filter the exported data based on specific event(s).

The data can be exported in two formats i.e excel and csv. We have implemented a fully customized survey module which allows the site to better understand its users. The survey results can again be exported as a pdf.

About our Client

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