WordPress Music Player Plugin

Executive Summary

The client is a young and aspiring start-up from USA who has a great passion for electronic music and is interested to improve music sharing and discovery services in order to create an online platform with social networking features which would go a long way in benefitting artists and their fans by providing great user experience.

Mindfire Solutions executed the task in the following ways:

  • Implemented the music player using the Soundmanager 2 API
  • Made the whole site ajaxify so that the music stream was not disturbed when the user was browsing the site from one page to another
  • Ajaxified the search option throughout the site, thus enabling the user to search for something while s/he listening the music stream
  • Made the whole site ajaxify using HTML5 so as to avoid the “HASH BANG”(#!) url and keep the browser history to work
  • Created custom WordPress plugin which enabled the Admin to put the shortcode for tracks in WordPress posts or pages with proper parameters to ensure whether the track is available for download or not and whether the track is available for buying or not

Mindfire Solutions with more than 6 years of WordPress application development expertise proved to be the apt Software development partner and has been roped in for all the subsequent enhancements that our client would like to implement in their growing online music portal.

About our Client

Client Description: Online Music Services Provider

Client Location: USA

Industry: Media & Entertainment


PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, custom WordPress plugin (to ajaxify whole site) and Autofocus theme