WordPress Music Portal for upcoming Artists

Executive Summary

An online portal using WordPress for music lovers to listen to and download music. Integrated short-code support in posts to allow playing songs from remote websites using the custom API. The application also allows for sharing a track on social media sites. The audio player uses SoundCloud JavaScript API to create the HTML5 audio player which was customized to generate waveform for the mp3 file that was to be played.

We also implemented ability for music to be streamed continuously while browsing the site similar to what you see on hypem.com & indieshuffle.com. Implemented interactive ajax functionality to allow the player to continue playing the selected track without being interrupted due to page refresh. The SoundCloud API was customized to allow playing mp3 tracks from non-SoundCloud websites as well.

A custom function was built up to create playlist according to the pages the user keeps on visiting in the site. The application also allows for sharing posts on social media sites. Customized admin template panel and modified existing core plug-ins. Implemented jQuery custom scrollbar and popups.  Made the theme to make it responsive across various devices like mobile and tablet.

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