WordPress online CASE catalog

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented an online product catalog portal using WordPress that allows user to find needed CASE easily. We strictly followed responsive styling using media query. We have created a robust quick search functionality which allows users to search available CASES in a quick time. Also, we have integrated advanced search functionality to further refine results by applying various filters.

Created a custom product comparison module, this allows users to firstly add products to a compare widget basket, then at the click of a mouse the chosen products can be viewed in a state-of-the-art comparison table. Chosen products are compared side-by-side, feature by feature, price-by-price. Discard products from the table at the click of a mouse as you hone in on the product that is the one for you. We have heavily customized WP admin interface to manage products and their attributes.

The search page also has options to sort by Brand, featured, length, it utilizes infinite scroll functionality to get the next set of results from the matching product. We have implemented functionality to create media gallery for each case and these Media gallery will display in their respective case detail page. We have also customized the default WP tag functionality for allowing users to tag the products on front-end.

About our Client

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