WordPress portal for a healthcare system

Executive Summary

Developed a WordPress portal for a healthcare system that revolves around building a custom WordPress responsive theme consisting of 7-page templates. This site is fully optimized for mobile responsive design.

We also created a custom module which offers the feature of different hyper-linked header image (or slider set) for each main section of the site which is easy to update by their staff. The site has a customized navigation menu given to provide elegant look and feel throughout the site.  Several custom widgets were created and widget logic was implemented to have a better control on the pages that the widget will appear on. The site features a dynamic content feed on the main page that dynamically pulls the most recent content from 3 different sections and has inbuilt functionality to sort content by various filters. We have made use of MyEMMA webservices to manage mailing list, members and responses etc.

This site also uses Marketo SOAP API to manage campaign, lead etc. We created custom forms and heavily used ajax for interfacing with the 3rd party APIs. The site has all the necessary redirects and SEO fields completed, optimized and implemented to maintain site traffic and ranking using 301 redirects and WordPress SEO plugin.

About our Client

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