Infrastructure And Facilities

We are an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company with our Advanced Development Centers(ADCs) in New Delhi (NOIDA) and Bhubaneswar.


Development Center, New Delhi (NOIDA) Development Center, Bhubaneswar

As an organization focused on creative software development and Agile principles, our centers are designed to support creativity and foster collaboration.

Open free halls with mobile seating, 100% laptop enablement and Wi-Fi leads to flexible team configuration, unexpected teaming and dynamic learning. Common areas for learning, hanging out and cafeterias ensure everyone gets together in environment supportive of tasks at hand.

Some significant aspects of our infrastruture and facilities:
  • 16,000 sq ft in Delhi – 300 people
  • 44,000 sq ft in Bhubaneswar – 800 people
  • Open office plan (“dining table” configuration supporting collaborative/agile work)
  • End-to-end open space with transparent glass-walled meeting rooms
  • Ample open spaces
  • Spacious in-house cafeteria
  • 100-person Seminar/training room
  • 24-hours Security, authorized access
  • Multi-stage power protection
  • Grade-I fire-safety devices and operations
  • Redundant Internet infrastructure (optic-fiber, leased line)


A little about our technical infrastructure:
  • 100Mbps Dedicated Internet line (fibre and wireless)
  • 10Mbps Backup Internet lines (DSL and wireless)
  • 900 desktops and laptops (Wintel, Mac, Linux), 50+ mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Symbian), 10+ tablets (iPad, Tab)
  • 20 high-end servers, firewall-protected
  • Cisco optical transceivers and routers
  • CAT-V structured cabling
  • 1Gbps Fast Ethernet LAN
  • Backup process and disaster recovery plan
  • Off-site backups
  • Secure, separate source code and bug-tracking for projects

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