Mindfire has deep experience in functionality testing of software applications and business systems. We describe some of these functionality-testing project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • Real-time global trading platform for Bond and Equity financing
  • Testing of application plug-ins for editorial Content Management application

Real-time global trading platform for Bond and Equity financing

Global leaders in providing real-time financial management system
Software product for Bond and Equity financing business needs
Three-tier object-oriented client/server application, Oracle™ DB, C++ using RogueWave™ SourcePro libraries

Our client's requirement from an outsourced testing team was to test their regular build upgrades to existing customers with new features, bug fixes and customized functionality. Mindfire's testing services ensured Stability of every release by verifying that the existing application is devoid of crashes. Build Regression was another important activity as development for newer versions commences parallel to testing. This poses the need of full regression of the builds, which are later released as Beta. Functional Testing (Feature Specific) was carried on to validate functionality of the application, without focusing on the business implementation. This mainly involved boundary condition testing, data validation (correct data being saved and retrieved from DB), error conditions etc. We also executed Business Case testing where our client had supplied various test scenarios by simulating trader activities in a  real-world scenario.

Testing of application plug-ins for editorial Content Management application

Leaders in cross-media publishing solutions and plug-in development for various Adobe applications
InDesign/InCopy/ Photoshop/Illustrator plug-ins

Our client has various product lines which are directly used by print media. The plug-ins offer solutions for designing, content writing, styling, image rendering and various other needs of publishing industry. The applications support great range of OS and database combinations. Our challenge was to provide testing for all these products in a systematic manner, where parallel product testing could be carried on by the same team of testers. We got involved in creating extensive test scripts, which were verified by them before putting into execution. Installation testing was carried on various OSs like Mac, Windows (various versions) and Linux in combination with different versions of PHP, web servers with backend databases as MSSql, MySQL, Sybase and Oracle.

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