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From the day of its inception, Mindfire continues to help its customers realize software products and solutions, build their intellectual property (IP). Hundreds of customers have benefited from Mindfire’s ability to produce software based on just ideas or concepts working in close collaboration with technical or non-technical customer representatives.

Over the years, Mindfire has remained focused on continuous innovation, creating its own intellectual property i.e., software solutions, to improve its offshore small-team software development services.

The 2MV Habit™ – Enabling Rich Software Project Communication


The 2MV Habit™ is a simple yet effective project communication practice created by Mindfire Solutions to address specific problems in off-shore and remote software development, especially across time-zones and when sponsors/users and developers are working in different organizations.

It is a practice supported by a software system that enables developers in recording daily progress in the form of 2-minute videos, which can be viewed by the customer in the same software system. A typical 2MV is a video of the screen with audio commentary, outlining the work done that day, from user results perspective, perhaps with a little bit of code-browsing and/or highlighting/discussing user interface behavior.

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The Catalyst™ – Organization-wide Project Delivery Support Framework


Concept: External (to team) experts available to the project teams!

Benefits: Improvements in learning, quality, productivity and client satisfaction!

To add more strength to the fabric of project delivery, Mindfire had built and continues to evolve a strong support framework, involving specialized talent external to the primary project team.

PointCAT – A team of senior experts in specific knowledge areas – industries, verticals, software engineering, project management, and technologies.

CodeCAT – A team of senior engineers, to perform design & code reviews, and drive learning & improvements in software engineering practices.

TestCAT – A team of QA/Test engineers assigned to all engineering groups, to meet QA/testing requirements on each of their projects.

ToolCAT – A team of experts on software engineering tools, to manage the library of commercial/free tools, and to allocate tools to project teams.

CommCAT – A team of senior communication specialists to assess & guide on communication abilities, and help identify & select communication methods.


SimulTest – Recruitment Candidate Selection/Screening Test Automation


Driven by the organization initiative of "better selection -> better people -> better work", Mindfire created SimulTest as an extension to its recruitment process. Essentially, SimulTest is a web-based platform facilitating the screening of candidates, asking them to perform actual programming tests in a simulated environment, within the browser itself.

SimulQuestions are created by the examiners and fed into the SimulTest system, which also allows choice of programming language. Candidate response i.e., program is compiled and results are shown, allowing for corrections and improvements. Predefined test cases are run through the program for automated evaluation. Overall, key information is gathered on candidate activity, behaviour, and results, allowing for better screening - assessment of approach as well as the finished program/results.


KLMS – Learning Management System for the Organization.


A learning management system built on a scalable web-based platform, exclusively for the organization - to administer, document, track, report and deliver e-learning education courses, training and test programs.

In developing and maintaining the KLMS, Mindfire ensured easier and centralized access to users and administration, allowing self-service (learning, training and testing), regular delivery of learning content, and personalized content and knowledge reuse (publish). Mindfire has also implemented innovative features like automated tests, self-guided tests and actual programming tests executed in a simulated environment (SimulTest).



TeamTouch – Remote Software Development System


This is the first ever IP created by Mindfire and is still in use with some projects. A one of a kind in-house software solution allowing live project monitoring, facilitating better control over project execution and its progress, TeamTouch encompasses Project Management, Issue Tracking, Timesheets etc.

Providing a suite of tools, based on the simple idea of "off site. In sight", Mindfire enabled its customers to reach out to their full-time contractors or virtual team, anytime, anywhere!

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