Mindfire has deep experience in manual regression testing, especially useful during frequent build cycles. We describe some of these regression testing project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • Testing a web content management solution
  • Testing a massively multi-player game with Virtual Realities
  • Case Builder Application Testing

Testing a web content management solution

Makers of  CMS application
Cold Fusion

The application is an efficient web-based Content Management tool, which helps organizations quickly build and easily maintain dynamic, personalized and sophisticated sites. It integrates Templates, Elements, CSS support, Wizard based interface, Powerful WYSIWUG editor and other content management features. The scope of testing mainly covered extensive functional and regression testing over a period of 3 years. Mindfire acted as a part of the Qualification and Regression phases, whereby we verified and escalated customer issues to the development staff. The regression phase included verification of fixes for current build and repeated execution of test scripts. The regression activity was managed by using Quick Test Pro.

Testing a massively multi-player game with Virtual Realities

A global leader in creating MMP games
Software Games
Virtual reality, Massively Multi-player technology (proprietary)

For each release cycle (bi-monthly), Mindfire executed testing and verification of hotfixes - server side, patches, content changes. A complete regression test was run once or twice on a release candidate. For every release, client created a regression test instance on their intranet with all the relevant regression tests that need to be performed, marking each one's priority. Regression tests were carried on manually following the test instructions and scripts provided by the client. Our testing team also helped in filtering and verifying their support issues directly posted by users and escalated the relevant ones to the internal development team.

Case Builder Application Testing


We have done the following testing of Case Builder application:

  1. Retested all the fixed issues and performed the regression testing of the whole application.

2. Tested all the existing feature of Case Builder application.

3. Tested all the new features included in the tool.

4. Tested both the Evaluation and Licensed version of Case builder.

5. Tested all the publishing mode and output.

6. Performed the exploratory testing of both the Algorithm and Case Builder section.

7. Performed the System testing.

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