Mindfire Solutions' 16 th Anniversary Celebration
SaaS Application on Text Messaging Solutions
SaaS Application on Text Messaging Solutions / Using ColdFusion

The proliferation of mobile phones all over the world has led to many brands opting to include text messaging into their digital marketing strategy. Our client, a Mobile Messaging services provider from the USA wanted us to develop a SaaS application on text messaging solutions that would help various advertisers effectively reach their target audience with personal messages in a timely manner. This would also help build a consumer database to be analyzed further and contacted accordingly...

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Recent Projects
Finance Application for a Food Chain
Finance Application Using Java
for a Food Chain /

Mindfire designed and developed a finance application that had functionalities like Data reviews, inventory management profit and loss definitions for a food chain.It consisted of a web based Budget Application that provides a robust functionality as is expected from a financial web application. Application helps managers to quickly review data by looking at different reports for any branch of the food chain.

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Online Presentation Creator
using Python and Django/

Mindfire Solutions designed and implemented a SaaS based platform that allows users to signup and manage their presentations online. Every time the user wants to create a new presentation, the application provides a list of questions and options based on which a subset of slides from a library of slides are put in place in a logical map that can be customized further with new presentation data.

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Online Presentation Creator
Client Speak
Philippe NL
Philippe Arrow1
A trusted partner and always willing to help.

We've been working together with Mindfire Solutions for more than 4 years now and it is has been a very positive experience for me and my company. Mindfire Solutions has been a trusted partner and always willing to help resolve the most complex of issues. The quality of the coding and in general work done has been very high. I would recommend them.

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Recent Conferences

Learning is the way of life at Mindfire Solutions. 

In this regard, here's a list of popular seminars held this year: 

  • /Some new cool features of Java 8
  • /e2e automated testing of AngularJS apps with Protractor : Introduction
  • /Amazon Simple Notification Service 
  • /Django Forms: Best Practices, Tips & Tricks
  • /IoT - Building some serious stuff
  • /Database Design
  • /Data Warehousing Concepts
  • /New features of VISUAL STUDIO 2015
  • /Near Field Communication (NFC) in Android
  • /Introduction to HTML5 CANVAS and related use-cases
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16 million apps on Google Play Store and about 15 million apps on Apple's App Store, Mobile apps have truly become indispensable for us today. Abhijit blogs his views on a blogsite that gives a comprehensive idea on all about apps. He writes about the changing face of mobile apps and objectively analyzes the various parameters affecting it.
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Recent Happenings
Mindfire invites Final Year MCA Students to join us as Trainees in January 2016: Mindfire invites Final Year MCA Students to join us as trainees in January 2016. Job offers will be extended to good performers at the end of June 2016, on the successful completion of their training period. Training stipend is INR 16000 pm. Resumes to be mailed to trainee@mindfiresolutions.com 
Mindfire Solutions is hiring engineers at all levels for mobile app development:The hiring season is ON at Mindfire and there's a gamut of opportunities for passionate mobile app developers. Check our opportunities page for more information.
Tadit Dash is featured by Odisha Post: Orissa’s first home-grown English news daily featured Mindfire's Tadit Dash on 19th October 2015, owing to his contribution to the technical community. Tadit is the Microsoft MVP for South Asian region. 
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Recent Happenings
How to setup SSMTP on Linux/Ubuntu for sending mails from commandline: Amit's provides a step by step guided Linux tip on how to set up SSMTP on Linux/Ubuntu for sending mails from commandline. He also provides an alternate method to accomplish the same. 
Code optimization through WeekReference: Vikash provides an exhaustive tip on how to use WorkReference, a new element added to .NET 4.5 framework to optimize code. The WorkReference class interacts with Garbage Collector in a peculiar manner to help out in code optimization.
Copying Structures in ColdFusion:: Ashish provides three different methods to copy structures in ColdFusion. The Structures which are JSON like key-value pair variables help to store multiple variables as a single collection. 
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Mindfireans Speak
Arundhati Read More

The best part of being in Mindfire is the positive environment with greatly approachable and interactive people. I always have enjoyed growing in my area of work, working with my team, interacting with client, dealing with situations with great team spirit.I learned in great detail, what it takes to build a high quality product!

To sum up Mindfire is all about:
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