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Delivery Service Platform
Delivery Service Platform / Using Symfony2 Framework

A number of start-ups have ventured into the business of home delivery of goods. And sometimes all it needs is a robust app. Mindfire Solutions developed a delivery platform that connects the Clients and the Service Providers who are two main users of the system. Thus there are two main sections of the app, the Client Section and the Service Provider Section. The delivery system was built on the Symfony2 framework implemented REST APIs for the communication between the app and the server....

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Recent Projects
eCommerce application for a Snacks company
RoR based eCommerce App
for a Snacks company /

For our client who is into Snacks retailing, Mindfire developed an eCommerce application which helps their customers to subscribe to different subscription offers. Basically it deals with 3 types of subscriptions. Customer can signup to app with normal signup process or with an authenticated Facebook account. On successfully signing up on Facebook, customers can make use of the Like/Share functionality that was implemented.

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iOS based Healthcare App
for Maternity unit of a Hospital/

Mindfire Solutions developed an iOS based healthcare application that is to be used in the maternity and new born unit of a specific hospital. The purpose of this application is to optimize and simplify the operations of the said unit by monitoring the recovery process in an efficient manner by using a Mobile App that can be used by patent, doctor, pharmacist, nurse and nurse-admin.

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Healthcare App for Maternity unit of a hospital
Client Speak
Arthur Arrow1
Very professional, talented and helpful.

The organization is very professional, talented and helpful in their work on our web portal. The people responsible for our account go to great lengths to not only solve problems, but also suggest improvements beyond the scope of the task. I have no hesitation in recommending Mindfire Solutions to others.

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Recent Conferences

Learning is the way of life at Mindfire Solutions. 

In this regard, here's a list of popular seminars held this year: 

  • /e2e automated testing of AngularJS apps with Protractor : Introduction
  • /Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)
  • /Django Forms: Best Practices, Tips & Tricks
  • /IoT - Building some serious stuff
  • /Database Design
  • /Data Warehousing Concepts
  • /New features of VISUAL STUDIO 2015
  • /Near Field Communication (NFC) in Android
  • /Bower Fundamentals
  • /Introduction to HTML5 CANVAS and related use-cases
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Tadit recounts his experience of Digital Citizenship Celebration in Odisha on the occasion of Microsoft Community Day held on 19th Sept 2015. With several other Mindfireans pitching in, it was indeed a very memorable event visiting 2 important schools in Nayagarh and interacting with the students on the latest happenings in the tech world.
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Recent Happenings
Mindfire Solutions is hiring engineers at all levels for its core areas: The hiring season is ON at Mindfire and that presents opportunities galore to freshers and experienced people alike. Tune in to our Facebook and LinkedIn channels and get more information on the context. 
Mindfire Solutions' CEO, Mr. Chinmoy Panda nominated for OTV's Odisha Citizens Award 2015 in the Business Category:Mindfire Solutions' CEO Mr. Chinmoy Panda was one of the four finalists in OTV's Odisha Citizens Award 2015 in the Business Category.
Mindfire Solutions wishes everyone a very happy Durga Puja: As the country gears up for the much awaited Durga Puja, Mindfire conveys its hearty wishes to everyone on the occasion. Cheers to victory of knowledge (the good) over ignorance (the evil). 
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Recent Happenings
To validate form fields by using a single function throughout the application: Mitali writes a rather lengthy but effective tip on how to validate the form fields on client side. It is customizable as per project requirement and saves the hassles of adding form specific validation functions.. 
Create file of a required size: Manish has a very simple tip to help us while testing the upload functionality of a particular size of file. He lists out the Linux and OSX commands separately that will help a great deal to find a file of a particular size for testing purpose.
Disable multi touch in the android app: We have often come across a nagging issue wherein simultaneous touch on more than one buttons makes the app to literally misbehave as the API calls were made on both buttons. Trayambak presents the solution to this problem by helping us design a custom theme which would not accept multiple touch through out the application. 
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Mindfireans Speak
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Mindfire for me, stands for its values, the freedom to its people &clients and the no nonsense work focus! I learn something new every single day from our team. Just bring raw talent to table and see yourself grow, shine and progress! There is no other joy than seeing so many young men and women learn, grow and achieve so much!

I have spent 1/3rd of my life and 2/3rd of my adult life here in Mindfire, and that should say something!
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