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Online Shop Management

Software Service
ZendFramework, PHP, MYSQL, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML, CSS,

This is a product that includes functionalities for templating, language selection, access control, accounting, etc. The main aim of the application is to manage shops online. The application has 2 parts: - Admin (Known as eShopAdmin) - Webshop (Known as eShop, which is the front end part of eShopAdmin) Before using the application, a company needs to register itself to create its own database and admin account. In the Admin area, admin can handle all the backend data for the shop. It can add products, customers, users for the shop, make financial transactions,  create, edit or print invoices, make new orders and quotes, handle shipping and payment details and do all the necessary tasks related to shop accounting. Besides accounting, admin can setup the front-end site in the admin area. For front-end, admin can add domain details, html templates, define content of front-end pages, handle menus and links for the front-end. Webshop is the front-end part. Here any user can browse through the site of the desired company. The application handles multiple databases. From the given URL the application checks the domain and gets the company information and accordingly handles the data. Here user can view products from different categories, search products, add products to the shopping cart and purchase products by using any shopping method defined in the admin area.

Drupal CMS enhancements for a Ceramic tiles company

Information Technology
Drupal, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, Linux, Apache

The project required us to implement several fixes and add new features on an existing drupal website. Task involved customizing drupal modules for a ceramic tiles company website. Created several nodes for content management. Installed cck module to dynamically add fields to store data. Installed the view module to filter and organize the content. Implemented picture gallery with jQuery light box. Implemented multilingual feature. Implemented dynamic see also links for each node. Customized the nodes to display additional information. Implemented search features for nodes. Implemented the template provided by the client and fixed browser specific issues. Created Agenda(Event) module for the admin to manage events. Created a Flash module where admin can upload flash files  also can provide  description for the node and display on the websites. Created Video module where admin can upload any video files and display this to the website users.

Lease Easy

Software Service Provider
Legal Service Industry
VS 2008, .NET 3.5, VSTO 3.0, PIA for Office 2007, MySQL 5.x

The requirement outlined was to develop a Word 2007 Plug-in/Add-On. This Add-on would be invoked from within a Word 2007 word document and allow the end user to find replace texts in the word document from an external data base. The external data base is a MySQL data base that holds data in various tables. Once the Add-on is installed it would appear as one of the menu items at the top. The data base configuration can be set through an UI provided. The Add-on is designed to work and operate on specific format of documents. When a particular document is opened and text from the paragraph is selected it would send a request to an external data base to query and pull the relevant matching data on to a floating pane. This data can be then inserted and replaced onto the selected text on the word document.

So this provides a very easy, quick and effective way of editing and preparing legal documents.

Kentico CMS Development

IT Services Provider
Paper Packaging
Kentico CMS , HTML, Javascript, JQuery, SQL

Worked on using the Kentico CMS to design and build the website. The project involved the use of the Kentico CMS system to build the templates and the various different pages of the website as the needs and the specifications provided. The mock up screens as provided by the client were used as the input to design the final pages on the CMS system to build the website. A jQuery plug-in was used and customized to display the stocks & products as per different categories.

Automation on Windows and Linux

Opensource Community
Cruise control java, .net based. Windows and linux, xml

We have worked on Build Automation for opensource application on windows and linux. Opensource application code was developed in C++ and was wrapped in .Net mainly using swig. Client wanted to automate the .Net wrapped code on both windows and Linux. We did the automation of build process on Windows. As the Linux code was written on .Net which was bit tricky so we used a tool called "Mono" but that too was not upto the mark in addressing opensource application as Mono is still in starting stages. So, on Windows .Net code for opensource application can be automated but on Linux Java code should be automated.

BI for Performance Management

Management Consultant
Telecom (Customer Service)
Java, Pentaho Report Engine, Pentaho Kettle, Liferay

This is an application which shows near to real time reports to end users. Analytical data is collected from several end users. This raw data is then processed by Pentaho data Integration (Kettle) to carry out the ETL process to persist the aggregated data in a data warehouse. The aggregated data is used in the reports. Reports are prepared using Pentaho Report designer and integrated in a Liferay portlet using Pentaho Report Engine.

Traffic Data System

Software Service Provider
Traffic Management
Oracle Developer, Navicat Lite

Software system that processes, analyzes and reports on all traffic data. The project is a comprehensive system, performing traffic data polling management, site management, quality control (QC), sumarization, factor calculation, average annual daily traffic (AADT) estimation, reporting and database management. It analyzes a wide range of traffic data types. These currently include traffic volume, vehicle classification, length, speed (binned and scalar), weight and lane occupancy. Data can originate from permanent sites, short-term counts, traffic management centers and manual counts (for volume and vehicle classification).

We have worked on Oracle PL/SQL Development. Worked on writing package, stored procedure, triggers and worked on optimizing queries.

Trade & Investment Site

Manufacturing & Transport Company
Manufacturing Industry
Sitefinity 3.6, Sql Server 2008, Dotnet framework 4.0

This website contains information about a manufacturing company. It has details about business opportunity, transport facility, investment and trade key factors as well.

This website mainly has static content, so it is developed using a dotnet based CMS (Sitefinity). Some content have been moved from skin file to make those part dynamic and created place holders so that using CMS feature administrator can easily manage banner rotators, search box and first level navigation which can be managed by an xml file.

Also worked on CSS part of the website like form top menu, the 2nd level menu and sub menus. Fixed some navigation issue.

Media file management application

Software Service
Javascript: Backbone.js, jQuery, Require.js, underscore.js

This app is coded in Ruby and JavaScript with jquery and backbone.js. Users can access functions, manipulate data via dropdown menu's and the data is returned in a readable way. Examples of what data will need to be filtered for reporting are as follows: All pipelines by phases and date range, all phases filtered by user and date range, Summary table (Bingo board); summary totals for filtered information.

The sole purpose of this project is to keep track of all the information related to a movie clip editing. A Project consists of some segments and pipelines. For a particular segment and pipeline there are some tasks(scenes/assets). A summary view that enables user to visually see the status of tasks. All the data we get are accessed through this web api(restful JSON).

Here user can create assets for a particular segment and pipeline.They can also edit asset's name, delete the existing assets and create duplicates of a selected asset. Also user can reuse the assets (which are completed in other segments) for the selected segment. Here user can create scenes for a particular segment. user can edit scene-name, delete a scene and create duplicate of a particular scene. Auto-number feature adds scene with auto generated names. It shows all the tasks of the selected pipeline and status of the selected pipeline.

Multilingual Healthcare Application

Healthcare IT
Silverlight 4.0, C# 4.0, WCF 

One of our clients wanted to extend the capability of his existing healthcare application by adding more functional modules. In addition to the features like Search, Add Appointment etc, the need was to add functionalities like Multi-Language support and some complete new modules having its specific tasks such as client module, current care and research modules.

Using Client module, we can display the selected client details and update the specific details etc. For example: using Medication under Client Module, we have implemented the functionality of displaying the medication details which includes what medication is given to the client, duration of the medication, what will be the intake method, what are the tools for medication intake, quantity, dosages, frequency etc.

Current Care Module includes functionality of displaying the entire related medical information of the selected client like which doctor is doing treatment and the treatment duration, what was the treatment given and so on. In this module we have functionality of displaying messages date wise and after selecting of the specific message; the application displays the message details.

In the Research Module, we have the functionalities like displaying the details of client diet history, allergies separately. In diet history, we are displaying the eating habits, nutrition requirements, and the duration of the diet and in the allergy we are displaying the allergies. The application also has functionalities of displaying and editing the treatment goals and sub goals and grouped the goals based on sub goals. And there are more such features as well.

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