Seminar on Video embeding and microsoft document Integration in CF 10

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Video embedding and Microsoft document Integration in CF 10

Biswajit Patra

Short Description:
This presentation is all about Video embedding and Microsoft document Integration in CF 10.

Business Transcription:

Hello, A very good morning to all of you.


Today I am going to present one seminar on video embedding and Microsoft documents integration in cold fusion. I have divided the topic into three parts


            1. Video embedding in cold fusion

            2. Cold fusion integration with Microsoft documentation

            3. Statistical report analysis in cold fusion. In video embedding in ColdFusion


I will also explain video functionality in ColdFusion and video functionality in HTML.Then in CF integration with Microsoft documentation I will explain you about Spreadsheet read process, spreadsheet update process and spread sheet write process. Then in statistical report analysis in cold fusion it is graphical representation in ColdFusion.


We will start with this video embedding ColdFusion, previously in ColdFusion 7 and 8 we didn't have the particular functionality to show videos in our application using ColdFusion but it was introduced in ColdFusion 9. By that time it’s only supporting adobe flash player only. In ColdFusion 10 it has made some enhancement because in-between 9 to 10 migration we have already improved the technology in HTML 5. HTML 5 data that implemented the video features  in HTML that is much improve and it has added two new attribute  “TYPE and SKIN” . Here the type attributes support HTML video.


Then seamless fall back option which I will discuss later, for better viewing support, how to divide video to play 4 to 5 video. Then added 2 new call back functions on pause and on error and also viewing support in multiple screen and mobile devices.


Basically why we will go for a video, we are seeing something and how it is working, then it will very much helpful for us to grab those attention and we can easily pick up the data from video instead of teaching from book if we learn or read from some video site then the grab will be much more, now in video format in every site its showing video in their applications, now a days it’s a common features to show a video files.


In HTML page there is a tag called video tag and in that video tag we have everything  like control, height width and play back control, fall back control everything. In control tag there is fall back control volume control everything. Directly accessing the particular file, this is the progress control and this is the pause control, this is volume control and this is the resizing control.


Now video format are supported are MP4, ogg and webM. Mostly we are using MP4 files. MP4 files  is using  H264 video and AAC  audio codec, H264 is a video compressor file and H264 is same as MP4 and here we are converting all those file into video we are viewing all those thing and compressing. Audio control and in audio control  advanced audio codec or compressor and combining we are making MP4 video in ogg uses theora video codec and vorbis audio codec and in webm file we are using  VP8 video codec and vorbis video codec.


In video functionality in ColdFusion, video support in ColdFusion is provided by CF media player tag

CF also JavaScript API set source to set the source of the media player. Fallback plan in CF.


For HTML video set type=HTML

For adobe flash video set type=flash

Skinning player control

Style attribute in CF media player

Skin: accept the XMI file to change the adobe flash player skin

Example, The same file we have seen in HTML. In ColdFusion video format it is giving there audio control, progress bar control then the sound control and full screen control under this attribute we have used that name and the source and the control bar =true if the control bar is true then we are seeing in control bar, in ColdFusion 10 we are introducing the attribute type, the type is to be HTML or the type is to be flash.


We have discussed about the fall back option that comes under circumstances like now we have multiple browsers like opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari but let’s say one of the browser is supporting flash media player and other option is not supporting that if we are declaring multiple source file there then, it will go on search for the types until it gets the supported one. It is declaring one of the web file, basic in default in MP4 file.


If default format is not working in your browser then it will come back to the next source file at the same time it will not pause your applications or not show your error methods in your screen  it will come to the slide. Other features in CF10, Call back events, Loop play back support, Poster image support, Video toggle support, Play list support.


In loop play back method I want a video to contribute for several times. When repeat and auto play will true then automatically play the video and the multiple time the video will repeated. We have introduced the poster image support. Before loading your video it will take some time in between that we will see a custom image or custom message for user. If we give the source path of particular image then it will show the particular image to your user.


Video title support, If anything you want to show title union video then we have an attribute called title then we can put there. Then play list support, We are created a ply list and we are saving it then we are giving the playlist path in source file then also it will run. Then strobe media playback option now a days we are supporting progressive downloading we are seeing video in live streaming and also we are seeing functionality in you tube and that is open source media frame work and also HTTP dynamic streaming.


Spreadsheet functionality, Now days it has huge demand, it is mostly xls file cf has introduced spread sheet file and it has 36 functions here we can do any of our manipulation. Functions in spread sheet

Read a spreadsheet file (xls) file and store it in a ColdFusion spreadsheet object, query, CSV string or HTML string.


Write a single sheet to a new xls from a query, cold fusion, spreadsheet object, or CSV string variable

Then add a sheet to an existing XLS files, Support in spreadsheet, Microsoft office excel 2007 is supported by CF spread sheet.  all total  there are 36 different functions present for cfspreadsheet like SpreadsheetAddSplitPane, SpreadsheetAdd Freeze Pane,.


Then comes to statistical data analysis, suppose your application is to show like the statistics of particular data you can see how many user and suppliers my account has and how many users are showing applications regularly.


Multiple options available to show statistical analyzed data, they are: bar graph, line graph, pyramid type of graph, area graph, cone graph curve graph, cylinder, step, scatter and pie chart but everything is supportable by ColdFusion.


Chart in CF, Enhancement done in 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 has not done much enhancement in ColdFusion.

Basically we can specify whether charts are cached in memory, the number of chart to cache and the number of chart request that cold fusion can process concurrently, to set this options in the ColdFusion administrator, select server setting>charting.


Tags are, Cfchart, Cfchartdata, Cfchart series. These are the tags we used basically it contains all the value. Examples you can see here.


Thanks all


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