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  • introduction to ruby watir web application testing in ruby

    Introduction To Ruby-Watir

    This seminar involves the presentation of fundamentals/basics of Ruby-WATIR(Web Application Testing In Ruby) for the tester to automate there testing methods and steps.

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  • html canvasdragdrop

    HTML5 Canvas and Drag/Drop

    This presentation is based on some of Html5 cool features like Canvas and Drag and Drop. Includes Html5 native Drag/Drop  and Canvas drawing capabilities, challenges,limitations and available plugins.

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  • restful apis in angularjs

    Using RESTful APIs in AngularJS

    SPA(Single-page application) web-solutions are now a days the new standard of web development, becoming more and more popular and narrowing down the difference between a desktop and web application. JavaScript libraries/frameworks like Backbone, Knockout, Angular along with RESTful web APIs provide a great platform to develop SPA web-solutions.

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  • video embedding and microsoft document integration in CF

    Video embedding and Microsoft document Integration in CF 10

    This presentation is all about Video embedding and Microsoft document Integration in CF 10.

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  • web accessibility

    An Overview on Web Accessibility

    Web Accessibility in its simplest definition is all about making sure websites work for the widest possible audience. This seminar would involve a quick introduction to Web Accessibility, Web Accessibility Issues, Guidelines etc.

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  • search engine optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results.

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  • mysql backup recovery

    MySQL Backup & Recovery

    This seminar includes the backup and recovery methods of MySQL database.

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  • creating mvc application with backbone js

    Creating MVC Application with Backbone js

    This seminar involves discussion on how to use Backbone with Asp.Net MVC.How can backbone be helpful in maintaining complex on client side.

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  • mvc bindingbundling

    MVC Binding And Bundling In MVC

    This Seminar is for .Net developers interested in learning about model binding and bundling in MVC.

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  • dependency injection with unity container

    Dependency Injection with Unity Container

    Dependency injection is a technique to get rid of tightly coupled code.This seminar gives an idea about using DI in one's project with various patterns like constructor injection,setter injection etc.

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  • setup coldfusion application using fusebox mvc architecture

    How to Setup a ColdFusion Application using Fusebox MVC Architecture

    This seminar is for learning the basics of Fusebox, Fusebox Installation and how to setup ColdFusion application using Fusebox.

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  • html historyapi

    HTML5 History API

    The HTML5 history API is a standardized way to manipulate the browser history via script.The new parts in HTML5 include a way to add entries to the browser history, to visibly change the URL in the browser location bar etc.

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  • coldfusion  new features

    ColdFusion Splendor New Features

    This seminar is focused on all the new features added in ColdFusion 11.

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  • model binding in aspnet mvc

    Model Binding in ASP.Net MVC

    This seminar is focused on Model binding in ASP. Net MVC. We will be discussing on how models are bound in ASP.Net MVC and how can we use custom model binding.

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  • web sql database in html

    Web SQL DataBase In HTML5

    Web SQL database is one of the technique for saving local data at client end in HTML5. Along with Windows,WebSQL database is widely used in  Android and Mac OX devices.

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  • android automation using robotium

    Android Automation Testing Using Robotium : Getting Started

    Is a  quick start guide on Robotium Automated testing for getting started with Android.

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  • eav data model concepts

    EAV Data Model Concepts

    This seminar would cover eav type of data modeling. In this seminar we would check various aspects of data modeling and compare them with different types of data modeling.

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  • CF Script

    CFScript Enhancements In ColdFusion10

    This seminar will explain the new cfscript features that has been introduced in ColdFusion 10.

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