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Agile Scrum Boot Camp

Agile ScrumAgile-SCRUM has evolved over past decade as the most-preferred method for modern projects delivered by high-impact teams under dynamic conditions, among companies worldwide! It is absolutely the winner among choices spanning traditional Waterfall, Spiral, Iterative etc across CMM to other Agile methods such as XP, DSDM, TDD etc.

This 1 day training workshop on Agile was conducted for all mindfireans.Attendees were exposed to the basics of Scrum, getting an understanding of how Scrum works and be able to work in teams which use the Scrum methodology. At the end of the 1 day session one would be able to understand the advantages of using a Scrum approach and have a good grounding of this methodology. This would help get our software engineering to the next level very fast very well and our engineers can work towards bringing in Agile methodology to their projects. We had speakers who were Certified Scrum Master and Practitioner from Scrum Alliance to help us conduct this session. People had a great time as they went through the various sessions , case studies and participated in activities.

This is what few of the participants had to say...

"..Very informative. Will be helpful in day to day routine and improve performance and quality as well. Looking forward for such trainings..."

"...This was an excellent session , looking forward to follow scum methodology in projects.."

Managing People in Software Projects (21 - 23 Jan 2013)

Managing People in Software ProjectsPeople management is one of the key skills and is of vital importance for the growth of the team and the organisation.In many software companies, the work of managing people is left as a responsibility of the Human Resources Department. The practices relating to management of people are done in an ad hoc manner with little realization and understanding of their impact on the motivation and morale of staff. Its often marked that the project leaders/managers are reluctant to undertake such responsibilities. And this is primarily because they have not been trained to perform functions relating to management of people. This 3 days MDP programme at IIM, Banglore attempts to meet such a need.

Some of the key objective were to develop knowledge and skills needed to contribute effectively to a team. Also to provide opportunities for self assessment of leadership styles and their appropriateness in different situations etc. To develop awareness, knowledge and skills essential to provide performance feedback that leads to results.

We had about 5 of our young leaders attend this programme to learn and enhance their people management skills.This is what few of them had to share after the 3 day session...

".....This is an excellent program for any person who is on the verge of transforming from a individual contributor to a people manager role. For a person like me who is in the initial stage of managing people, its a perfect platform to lay down a process and act accordingly, so that one can turn out to be the right fit for the role. I felt I came back with a good take away..."

"....Session was informative.We are now clear on our styles of management and will surely rectify some flaws. I would recommend to attend this kind of programme to know about your management skills and how others manage.."

"..The session was very good. We are using so many things in our day to day work related to managing people, managing client, avoiding conflicts, motivating people without knowing how to use them in the most appropriate ways. This session would definitely help me improve my efficiency.."

HTML5 & CSS3 Workshop

HTML5-CSSThis training program explores about HTML5 and how to incorporate its contents features in web pages and applications. With this 2 day extensive training the attendees quickly went from the basics of HTML5 to deep dives into advanced topics like layoffs, forms, offline support, geolocation, audio and video, graphics, communication apis, storage, new JavaScript web-workers and so on.The participants also learned on how to implement the newest CSS3 techniques in their web applications, and gain an understanding of the browser support in different modes.

Here is what few of the attendees had to share afetr attending the session...

".....The session was very excellent. I learned some very interesting things in html5. Learned about the importance of the term "users" in software or web development and about performance improvement of the code. I got to learn a lot about html5 and css3 which I can use in my daily work..."

"....It was a very useful and informative session for me. I am really feeling very good as there were many confusions in my mind related to HTML5. And I got a clear idea on the new features and their usage in the web application development..."

"....I have a great experience with this HTML5 and CSS3 seminar and the session was also very interactive. I got to know many useful features. This training helped me to enhance my knowledge..."

HR Skills for Non-HR Professionals

HR Skills for Non-HRThis one-day workshop is designed for line managers, recruiting managersand others who are responsible for carrying out Human Resource related tasks as part of their job, but are not HR specialists. One learns about the principles of giving (and receiving) feedback, setting performance objectives, carrying out performance appraisals, interviewing for recruitment, and coaching etc. The workshop provides the opportunity to practice the skills and techniques those that are covered in trainer input sessions.We had 2 of our team leads attend this workshop.

This is what they had to share on their learning-

"It was overall an excellent session for those people who are engaged in Feedback process, appraisal, 1-1 meeting, performance analysis, managers/leads and people involved in interviews. Must attend for leads.."

"...The session was good and is a key for all leads and aspiring line managers.."

Effective Team Communication

Effective Team CommunicationIn this one-day high energy workshop provides the opportunity to reflect on how one's team communicates. Helps them to learn strategies and techniques to better deal with team communication challenges. In addition to exploring non-verbal communication and finding out why communication can break down, one also learns how to be assertive, and how to deal with anger and hostility.

The workshop consisted of team tasks, discussions, learning games, role plays and self-reflection activities and greatly helps one to come up with strategies to improve communication in the team.We had about 12 of our Technical Team Leads attend this workshop.

This is what few of the participants had to share on their return from the 1 day workshop-

"...Overall the session was good , interactive and is a key point for all..."

"...This session should help making me more organized and adopt assertive communication....."

Strategic Leadership Programme for IT Professionals

Strategic Leadership ProgramThis 3 days Workshop focuses on strategy and organization in information technology companies.The workshop concentrates on the questions: "how do IT managers identify and exploit growth opportunities?” and “what challenges arise as IT firms grow and how these can be met?" Every small IT firm to be sucessfull , would have to work on and create an initial growth trajectory , and then the IT firm has to adapt its strategies to the requirements of the larger-scale operation. Where as by contrast,a larger, more established IT firm must sustain growth through revitalizing current businesses, or possibly by expanding into more newer and aggressive areas. The challenge in this context is for a manager to design the organization and its managerial processes as a system that can grow successfully.The workshop emphasizes the key managerial issues that IT companies face in their decision to pursue opportunities as well as strategic decision-making and implementation at the level of top management and business/project leader level. 2 of our senior project managers from the Bhubaneswar - ADC attend the programme.

One of them had this to share as he returned back from the program -

"...Overall an excellent experience and something I personally needed to "think out of the box" and get super motivated. We all get sucked into day to day work and over a period of time start to wonder "what next" and this session helped in defining one possible direction. It also helped me relate to our organizational processes and initiatives we have taken this year and re-energized me to take us to the next level..."

Web & Expo infoDesign Workshop

Expo InfoThis 3 Day Workshop on Information Structuring, Architecture and Visualisation was held from 15th - 17th November 2012 at IDC, IIT Bombay.This workshop's intention was to make communication of information visible, efficient and effective by focusing on all the different aspects of presenting and organising information.The course covered Information Theory, Ordering of Information, Methods for Structuring and Visualisation of Information, Display of Qualitative Information, Process of Sorting and Categorising Information as well as Introduction to InformationArchitecture.There were discussions on these topics and was followed by workshops on Information Design related creative problem solving sessions in the afternoon.

We had 4 of our engineers from development,testing and the design team attend the workshop.

Web & Database Testing Workshop

QA TrainingThis workshop conducted over a period of 2 days concentrated on Domain Specific Testing covering web testing and the database testing. The Web Testing included topics on best practices and process and techniques, cross browser testing etc. There were sessions on the best practices for Agile testing & Testing Cloud Apps etc. On the database testing few of the topics as covered were on the replication testing and data migration testing. Around 50 QA Engineers & test catalysts with the experience range of 1-4 yrs. in testing attended this workshop.

As per couple of the participants

.."The session was very much informative with new and existing technologies. It will help me for sure."

.."The knowledge shared on Testing Methodologies, tools and database testing was good. Overall it was a good and learning experience for me.".


Liferay's Developer Training

LifeRay Developer TrainingThis 3 day training program from Liferay allows the participants to get hands on development features of Liferay. This includes topics like Introduction to Plugins,Introduction to Portlets, Java Standard Portlets, Inter-Portlet Communication,Developing Portlet Plugins, Developing Theme and Layout Template Plugins, Developing Hook Plugins, Developing EXT Plugins etc. Also there were some advance topics those that were covered were Using Liferay's Web Services, Spring in Liferay & Development Strategy.

2 of our developers attended this training to enhance their knowledge on the subject matter and the work area.


Custom Advance SharePoint 2010 Workshop

SharePoint 2012 TrainingThis 3 day training workshop was conducted covering some advance concepts and topics of SharePoint 2010.Participants attending this workshop had development experience on SharePoint Server 2010 Server and Client Object Model,.NET 3.5 SP1,C# 3.5,XML & JavaScript. Around 20 people participated in the training. The workshop followed the methodology of Concept Visualization, Active Experimentation & Application Development. The workshop also involved 100% Hands-On with each participant having access to system during the session. The experience range of the participants was between 1-4 yrs. on SharePoint technology.This was conducted in our Bhubaneswar ADC.

As in the words of a participant.."The session was very interactive,knowledgeable and it was a good experience to get an idea about the new concepts.."


Advance Magento E-Commerce Learning Workshop

Magento TrainingThis 3 day training workshop focused on both the basic and as well as the advance concepts on Magento. Topics like the Magento Product/ Category Administration, Magento Configuration Options, Entity-Attribute-Value model,specifics & details of Magento Database, Magento Cache Tuning, Multi Store Setup & Multi-lingual Store Setup etc. were some of the topics from the course outline that were covered. Around 20 software engineers attended the training session.

As per one of the participant.."The training was good and interactive.It helped me learn new things in Magento and also helped understand the Magento Database."



Business Communication Skills Training

Business CommunicationThis one day workshop focused on how best to present, listen, understand, perceive and respond to communication with various stakeholders and in forums. Role Plays Games, Group Activities, PowerPoint Presentation and Audio and Video Clips were used as part of the training methodology. Around 200 software engineers across teams with experience range of 0.5 yrs to 3 yrs participated in the workshop.

As per some of the participants....."The session was a nice learning experience full of real life experiences. This workshop made us realize how and what we need to improve to cope with all such situations in our professional life. I am glad to be a part of this session."
"It was a nice learning session which helps us to think how to develop skills in many areas like writing, reading, listening, presentation etc."


Windows Communication Foundation Training

WCFThis 3 day custom training was designed for software developers working with Microsoft based technologies. The primary goal of this training is to ensure that people understand the Fundamentals and Advanced Concepts of WCF Features and utilize that as per need in their work area. The participants were expected to have good understanding and knowledge on designing and developing applications using Microsoft.NET Framework technologies and be well-versed with Framework concepts such as CLR, Object Oriented Concepts in C# and Base Class Library Features. People attending the training were having an experience range of 0.5 to 4 yrs.This was conducted both in our Delhi & Bhubaneswar ADC.

As per one of the participant .."Training session was really excellent it helped understand WCF , and its deep concepts. The way training was imparted was outstanding , concepts were taught with proper exercise and implementation.


Software Estimation Techniques Workshop

Software EstimateThis 1 day Software development estimation techniques workshop was conducted with the primary goal of training the young Leads / Managers the different modes of estimation that are widely used. The techniques covered are Lines of Code estimation , Three Point estimation technique, Work break down structure based estimation, Task complexity Based estimation, Function Point Estimation , Use Case based Estimation , Estimation in Agile Projects. Use cases and examples shared on each mode and the pros and cons of each technique were explained as well.Experience range of people who attended this training was between 4 -7+ yrs.This was conducted in our Bhubaneswar ADC.

As per the words of a participant ..."It was a good session. Learnt the importance of Software Estimation and also learnt some methodologies and techniques for this. I will try to implement those in our projects."


iOS (iPhone & iPad) Training

iOSThis 3 day training was conducted in iOS development for enterprise applications. The primary participants were engineers who had spent some time with Android development work. The Objective of the training was that at the end of training schedule, the participants will be able to build mobile applications for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Around 17 people with Android development background attended the training. The experience range of the participant was between 1-3 yrs.This was conducted in our Delhi ADC.

As a participant says..."The session was very knowledgeable and overall training was good and effective."

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