Mindfire has deep experience in testing web sites, Internet services and online applications. We describe some of these Internet and web testing project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • Data exchange solution for Automobile industry
  • Web-based application for managing Electronic Medical Records
  • Community Website for a world famous Talk Show host
  • Web based BackEnd CMS Application for TV producers
  • Inventory and Asset Management System
  • Job Portal for Recruitment Agency
  • Web Content Management Systems
  • Posterity-Manual Testing
  • V3 Prototype
  • Mac Based Game Testing
  • Geisinger
  • Quality Assurance for a Voter Data Collection and Reporting System
  • Web Fonts API
  • Cross Browser Load Testing for Home Utility Shopping Portal
  • Social Networking Media Sharing Application

Data exchange solution for Automobile industry

Leaders in engineering data management and data exchange realm
.net based highly secure web application

The product under test was a highly secure data exchange solution that supports the user's engineering processes with the ability to move large engineering files quickly and securely among and between industry OEM's and their supply base. The web-based hosted model is a high risk data exchange solution, offering trading partners in automobile industry a secure and highly functional means to efficiently share electronic design and engineering information across company and geographic boundaries. Our testing solutions offered general functionality testing, security testing, browser-compatibility testing and testing of file exchange of various engineering formats.

Web-based application for managing Electronic Medical Records

Provider of automated solutions for clinical usage

The clinical module of the application puts everything necessary for patient care in the Pretest and Exam lanes, Diagnosis & Summary and maintaining patient's medical history reports. Our testing team was involved in understanding the end-usage of the application, creation of relevant test cases for all modules, verification of correctness of data saved and retrieved from database as well as running regression suits over phased releases of the product. The approach to testing was manual.

Community Website for a world famous Talk Show host

Media & Entertainment
Oracle Application server, Toplink - Java ORM, JSP, JSLT, JESI

The website we worked on is one of the largest hit sites in the US, built for a popular TV talk show host which facilitates user participation in the shows via registeration and posting stories in the website with uploading audio/videos. The website also contains a Community page and has Blog facility for its users. It also publishes all the events that are to be held in the coming days in advance. Our testing services included Preparation of Test Case , Test Conditions, Summary Matrix, Traceability Matrix etc. And different Testing types incurred are Functional testing, Cross browser and Platform compatibility across Windows and Mac, Security Testing, CMS testing, UI and Usability Testing, Regression testing. Excellent Defect Management System with Complete Bug Life Cycle.

Web based BackEnd CMS Application for TV producers

Media & Entertainment
Oracle Application server, Toplink - Java ORM, JSP, JSLT, JESI

Implemented a web based tool Developed for Producers of a popular TV talk show with User and Admin specific rights to manage contents for he talk show website using a complex CMS system. The system manages the user logged queries and requests from the front end and decides on time and priority basis what users will be able to participate on the front end website. A major part of this site is Advanced Search for million of records stored in DB. The testing services we provided included Smoke, Functional, UI, Usability, Security and compatibility across major browsers and platforms. Special attention was given to Search queries and a wide range of test cases were executed. Amongst Deliverables, we prepared the Test cases, Traceability Matrix, Test Fusion report, Test Conditions for Search section.

Inventory and Asset Management System

Web Application Development Company
Air Delivery & Freight Services
LAMP, AJAX, Flex, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, YII Framework, jQuery, tortoise SVN, JMeter, Pylot, Jira, Fiddler

Designed and implemented use cases for testing of a large Enterprise Management System that allows Inventory and Assets Management, Package Tracking and Delivery. The system allows different user types ranging from admin, franchise agents, sales reps and customers to login and avail various features. The application provides users with invoicing tools, reports, contact management, customer setup, rate adjustments, collections and several other features. The primary requirement was to provide an easy to use rich Flex interface with fast access to data. The challenge was to keep it compatible across several popular browsers including latest Firefox, IE 6/7/8 & 9, Opera and Safari web browsers on Windows and Mac operating systems.

Testing Methodology used required us to analyze requirements and prepare a test plan and mudule specific checklists. We determined test strategies and executed test cases and reported issues in Jira.

We performed functional, UI and security testing. We checked each use case with scenerios we had determined. Further, each build was regressed and checked against checklist to ensure all prior features were functional with new releases. The application was tested across popular and well defined set of browsers which included IE 6 to 9 on windows and Firefox, Opera and Safari on windows and mac.

Load tests were also performed by the QA team from 3 different physical locations to arrive at a good average using tools such as Pylot and JMeter. Other open source tools such as fiddler were also used.

Job Portal for Recruitment Agency

A Leading Online Portal

The application aims job seekers to search for jobs by entering Search Criteria like Keyword and Location and then apply for the job by selecting their Resumes and Cover Letters. The Application has different flows is as follows, Welcome Screen: Job seeker should be able to select the preferred language Home Screen: Job Seeker should be able to search jobs by entering Keywords like Developer and Location like Canada, USA etc. Search Results Screen: Job Seeker should see all the listing of jobs in list view with total number of results returned for the Search Query provided by Job Seeker. Resumes Screen: This screen will show up list of resumes uploaded by job seeker. Cover Letter Screen: User can add cover letters too and the list of cover letters for the logged in user would be shown on this screen with a check mark option to use the cover letter and complete the job application process. Our Responsibilities including, Test case creation from user stories, Test case execution, GUI Testing, Testing on real devices across different mobile Device like Black berry, Android, I phone Raising Enhancement requests wherever applicable etc. Mindfire ISTQB certified QA engineers test this application and follow complete bug life cycle before it get delivered. The approach to testing was manual.

Web Content Management Systems

Leading CMS Provider
ACF, ColdFusion, ManualTesting

This Project is based on CMS (Content Management System). This is a cloud-based, SaaS CMS. Designed for maximum ease of use, the application Cloud offers all the sophisticated features prized by leading organizations and delivers them to you through the cloud. That means there's no hardware to install or product updates to download. It's seamlessly handled for you in an infrastructure-free environment.  This liberates your organization from the burden of maintaining a Web infrastructure, and allows IT to focus more time supporting other strategic initiatives while enabling marketing to get on with theirs.This is basically for Creating and managing websites and web pages by providing empowered authoring and publishing, Presentation Management, Content Scheduling and personalization, Content Management, Distributed Administration and security, Knowledge Sharing and Discovery. Recently the project has been awarded as the World's No.1 Content Management Systems

Posterity-Manual Testing

Social Media
.Net, PHP

Before we start testing, certain things need to be priorities which help us to meet the testing requirements. We always list few things that we should take care of to ensure a better QA process. Like, what are the types of testing we need to do? Will it be only functional testing or it will also include non-functional testing such as performance testing? Performance Testing will be out of scope if there are time constraints. How many levels of testing do we need to perform? Do we need to test only on the staging server or both on development and staging server? Answer to this will invoke few more questions that can be discussed at the time of finalizing the test approach. Mindfire ISTQB certified QA engineers test this application and follow complete bug life cycle before it get delivered. The approach to testing was manual.

V3 Prototype

Java, MySQL, Manual Testing

This application is a web based task management application that helps the workflow specialist or the business analyst to design the workflow for a particular business process 

The application consist of four parts 1. Form Builder 2. Workflow Builder 3. Business Process 4. User Task Dashboard

Form builder helps the workflow specialist or business analyst to create a form.

Workflow builder is capable of building the workflow which can be configured to meet the varied requirements of business process and has the facility of drag and drop.

A business process will accomplish a specific process, every business process will have a workflow attached to it.

Task dashboard part of the application lists the pending task for every user. Every user that has a task in the task dash board is required to complete the task after which, according to workflow, the task of next user will be generated.

Mindfire ISTQB certified QA engineers test this application and follow complete bug life cycle before it get delivered. The approach to testing was manual

Mac Based Game Testing

Manual Testing
Mac OS 10.710.610.5, Safari 5.15.0, SQL Server 2008,Manual Testing

This is a Mac native gaming application which is based on client server architecture. It's a card based gaming application which offers different variant of online gambling games like leagues, table based etc. Application comprised of different interrelated modules

1. Game Related
2. Funds Related
3. Player Related

We have manually tested all the modules through test cases driven approach

1. Installation & Uninstallation Testing(Including Upgrader testing)
2. Complete functional Testing
3. Mac specific UI Testing
4. Database Testing
5. Country based restriction testing
6. OS Compatibility Testing on different Mac OS
7. Identifying memory leaks through command line tools
8. Regression Testing
9. Manual Performance Testing
10.Manual Security Testing
11. Certificate Testing(through keychains)
12. Server Failover Testing.

We have provided effective bug report having specific OS and browser details as well to help the developer to do root cause analysis.


Healthcare Service Provider
HL7, Manual Testing

Designed and Implemented an online gaming application for healthcare services provider. The game is split into several seasons with each season having more than one episode. Virtual characters are selected by the users/players and assigned to different seasons to form a virtual team. The characters can then be part of an episode in a season where an episode lasts for seven days or a week. Each character has an ability rating for different activity areas. Depending on ability rating the system displays goals for virtual character.

The user assigns goals to virtual players and for himself and the system updates the virtual character's status each day and notifies to the user. Depending on the virtual character's status the user is prompted with several options from system. The option can deduct or add points depending on usage. The player/user can accumulate points over an episode to get a special offer from the healthcare services provider/organization. We implemented a message board to allow users to communicate with other users in system. We also Implemented a team standing screen to motivate users and the teams. Admin interfaces were implemented as well to manage each attribute of game and we implemented several custom reports. An import script to parse HL7 data was also implemented to import users into our system.

We have provided effective bug report having specific OS and browser details as well to help the developer to do root cause analysis.

Quality Assurance for a Voter Data Collection and Reporting System

Election Systems & Software Tools Provider
IT Service Provider
LAMP, Python, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Mantis, SVN, Basecamp HQ, Crossbrowser/Device Testing

Ensured quality on deliverables for a Voter data collection and reporting system. The application allows the admin to manage campaign related data. It has different sections which have important roles in the working of the whole system.

The different modules include the admin section which allows the admin user to monitor the complete working of the site including creating and managing different campaign users/volunteers, creating, optimizing and assigning walklist and then monitoring the status of different walklist as per the surveys taken by different volunteers. Search voters based on tags, area, name and also manage, export or create lists of the users and can review the reports of the different surveys done using the mobile application.

Tested the Map Based Walklist which is a user friendly map which allows admin to plot different walklists and also do route optimization. Integrated Phonebanking which allows volunteers to make survey related calls to voters without the worries of installing phone lines or renting cell phones. It also allows to send messages to list of voters by easily filtering them based on the different search filters.

Tested the mobile canvassing app which allows monitoring and volunteers to take surveys in direct contact with the voters. The app can also be used in offline mode and synchronizes the data to the server once it is online again.

Tested Mass Upload for voter data files which allows admin to upload voter data directly to the database by mapping their details with the tables. The admin can upload thousands of voter records for different campaigns easily using different formats like csv, excel and json formats.

Tested the Survey Admin which allows the admin to create survey pages and its related questions and other details for different campaigns.

Used mantis for tracking issues and basecamp for centralizing communication. The testing of the application included understanding the complete working of the application & its different modules and preparing relevant checklists, reporting and maintaining bugs. We also verified user interfaces against the data saved in database for the different modules like the walklist , search  and reports sections. Since the mobile app allowed the user to use it in offline mode, it had to be tested in offline mode of the device and then data had to be verified for correctness in the db after the sync ran in online mode. The applications was tested for its usability as well and per the different admin/users of the application and for it compatibility in different devices and browsers.

Web Fonts API

IT Service Provider
IT Service Provider
LAMP/WAMP, PHPUnit, libcurl, Web services, REST, XML, HTML, CSS, SVN, Testing

Implemented automated test scripts and story scripts for a web based fonts service provider.

The test script helps the QA team quickly check the API calls. The script can be executed in console or browser. Basically the script auto requests the services and stores the response in a text file which it compares with pre-saved master file. The final output is a line by line diff between test server file and master file.

The story script is a working example of web fonts services. It helps external developers quickly integrate applications with web fonts web services.

Cross Browser Load Testing for Home Utility Shopping Portal

Romania based client
Jmeter, Manual testing 

This is a website that contains various home utility products up for display and purchase over the internet. Here client wanted us to perform Cross browser testing, Usability and Load testing.

For cross browser testing and Usability testing different Macintosh and Windows browsers were picked and the site was tested on fixed set of test cases that was provided to us. For Load testing, client was expecting a concurrent load of 1000 users and step up load starting from 10 users and reaching up to 1000 users at various points of time. Client wanted to check the load on 3 given scenarios i.e. Access home page just after login, Searching for a Product and Modifying/Adding/Deleting products on the shopping Cart. We took up the task and suggested client Jmeter 2.5.1, an Open source tool to perform load test. We started the tests by creating the test scripts for the mentioned scenarios and then added virtual users and performed test, for both concurrent and step up load.

We provided test report which contains response time for that particular scenario and the error percentage. Also interpretations based on Graph Reports were provided. Also suggestions were provided to eliminate bottlenecks based on the Test Report Interpretation.

Social Networking Media Sharing Application

Information Technology
TestFlight, Mantis, Objective C, nodeJS MySQL, iphone4, iphone5, iphone6, iOS8, iOS7, Smoke Tests, Functional and UI Testing

Designed and implemented use cases for testing of a social networking iphone application. Users can create their account or login using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. After login users can post an image only once they have voted for other public posts created by other users in the system.

Implemented cases for checking public vs private sharing with followers, including voting, expiration of posts and the results screens. The application also has notifications that are sent for various actions.

The app also had search implemented for finding friends by name and also on the different social networks and a settings screen with various options. We used TestFlight app for releases and iphone4 and iphone5 with iOS 7 and iOS 8.

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